that wants to dedicate his LIFE
to inspire other souls.

Sanjidul Anwar

Training Gig

Leveraging ICT for Growth, Employment and Governance (LICT)

Organization: Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), ICT Division, People’s Republic of Bangladesh under NASSCOM IT-ITES Sector Skill Council (SSC) certification.
Conducted by Ernst & Young LLP, India. Certified by George Washington University, USA.
Module Covered: Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) Foundation Skills Training.
Specialization Track: Digital Marketing.
Duration: 160 Hours.
Time: December 2016.

Topics Covered:
Technical Skills: – Digital Marketing Overview – Website– Creation (CMS) – SEO – Google AdWords & AdSense – Google Analytics – SMM – E-mail and Mobile Marketing – E-Commerce – Lead Generation – Content Marketing – ORM – Affiliate Marketing – Freelancing.
Softs Skills: – Communication Skills – Listening Skills – Speaking Skills – Interviewing Skills – Corporate Etiquette.

Professional Qualification

Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA)

Organization: International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA), USA.
ISCEA Bangladesh; Partner in Bangladesh – Mind Mapper.
Time: September 2016.

Topics Covered:
– Supply Chain Overview – Strategy – Framework for Discussion – Fundamental Issues – Aggregate Planning – Role of Inventory in the Supply Chain – Material Requirement Planning – Sourcing – Purchasing – Manufacturing – Transportation – Warehousing and Distribution – Sales Order Fulfillment – Lean and Continuous Improvement Tools – Sustainability – Team Dynamics.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing

Institution: University of Chittagong.
Session: 2014-2015.

Relevant coursework on – Branding – Contemporary Issues – Marketing Engineering – Non-Profit Org – International Marketing – Service Marketing – Consumer Behavior – Relationship Marketing – Tourism & Hospitality Management – Strategic Marketing.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing

Institution: University of Chittagong.
Session: 2010-2011.

Relevant coursework on fundamental courses of business administration. Besides, in terms of major in Marketing: – B2B Marketing – Integrated Marketing Communications – Supply Chain Management – Entrepreneurship Development – E-Marketing – Sales Management – Marketing Research – Port & Shipping – Human Resource Management – Management Science – International Business – Environmental Marketing – Project Management – Marketing Management.

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination

Group: Business Studies.
Board: Chittagong.
Passing Year: 2009.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination

Group: Business Studies.
Board: Chittagong.
Passing Year: 2007.


I love black white sketch of my life. Here, colors are rare and heavy sporadically. I think that solitude is the best thing if something auspicious stays with it. I'm to a matter - 'attention to detail'. I enjoy studying a situation in great detail, whether it's a work project or a friendship.

I always try to be fair & upright. I love the technical ways that I stab to follow to be an at least far charming, even to be in an accurate custom with big shots.

I become drowsy when the state with someone becomes hurting for me. Then I apart myself as a pure individual because it's a way that gives me comfort. I guess, I don't follow any flamboyant gestures that can make me full of pride.

I hate the ways that I'm not akin to. But to get a better panorama, sometimes it's necessary to be in that kind of way. Mostly, I like the people at a first glance but if I don't, they are out of my concern always. Simplicity and their a lot singular trails make me love to them later.

I always try to be passionate with those whom I feel my own. Love them and their meticulous trails. Though their odd feats make me unusual at times. I try in eminence than extent, in even choosing my associates.

Observant nature let me be sensitive to how others feel, and see things below the surface of a situation. Intensity and extreme sensitivity are part of my secret self. I'm generally plain-spoken, down-to-earth and I love to be appreciated for the kind things I do.

Humbleness and the ability to work behind the scenes, often cause me to miss more opportunities than I should. I'm generally a busy person for nothing. But I stick with something until it is done. I'm the sort of a person who is constantly striving to better himself not because I want more money or glory, but because it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Perhaps because being in love (even love for friends) for me means like falling hard. You should have the efforts that cannot be wasted. A relationship with a strong yet sensitive partner is one which is almost guaranteed success. My words are like; love is as steady, solid and far from a flirt. All of us know the small and big things in life and here, love does matter.

That’s a part what I try to be. Staples aren't also a bit why people hate me. Think that people vary all the ways. Then why shouldn't I?

Touch-shocking is a very big deal in my attribute. Would have been felt best if I could kill that person the reason behind and there won't be any prison for me. I'm sometimes too tidy, too neat. Expectations & Limitations are built in my soul.

I'm a sick person o' my company. I miss the words being heard like, "Dude, you're the best o' all buddies in my existence. You typically and eventually make my instance most o' the time. You possess the tracks to make me glad, to make me top with a better sagacity". Hearing so seems to be a trail o' gladness. No matter how it is done, we're hopeless, ill-fated for the want o' people's company, especially some, in meticulous sense the ONE who makes your existence exultant and the state o' adoration. シ