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An INFLUENCER – Can Turn Your “Surviving” Into “Living”

Dear Torchbearer,
I don’t see you.
Come and show me my path once again.

A Missing Soul

I always loved the story of an INFLUENCER and how they make an impact on others. A good Influencer’s few good words are enough to give the meaning to your life. They show you the lights miles away from where you see no hope at all.

“How” we make the story is not important.
“Why” we make the story is way too significant.
I truly and truly remember a person who made this very clear to me.
A person who lighted up my world with endless visions.

As a grown-up adult, I was facing difficulties in figuring out the possibilities in my life. One of the very saddest things is our generation was falsely told that we were special which is brutally not true. We were shown dreams that have no point in reality and full of devils. We were given appreciation when necessary and more when it was not necessary. And, you know there are no more harmful words than saying “Good Job” to someone.

And, now people here think that learning is so easy. Even I’m not an exception either. Let me share you some good vibes from a movie named WHIPLASH (2014).

Terence Fletcher: I don’t think people understood what it was I was doing at Shaffer. I wasn’t there to conduct. Any fucking moron can wave his arms and keep people in tempo. I was there to push people beyond what’s expected of them. I believe that is… an absolute necessity. Otherwise, we’re depriving the world of the next Louis Armstrong. The next Charlie Parker. I told you about how Charlie Parker became Charlie Parker, right?

Andrew: Jo Jones threw a cymbal at his head.

Terence Fletcher: Exactly. Parker’s a young kid, pretty good on the sax. Gets up to play at a cutting session, and he fucks it up. And Jones nearly decapitates him for it. And he’s laughed off-stage. Cries himself to sleep that night, but the next morning, what does he do? He practices. And he practices and he practices with one goal in mind, never to be laughed at again. And a year later, he goes back to the Reno and he steps up on that stage, and plays the best motherfucking solo the world has ever heard. So imagine if Jones had just said: “Well, that’s okay, Charlie. That was all right. Good job. “And then Charlie thinks to himself, “Well, shit, I did do a pretty good job.” End of story. No Bird. That, to me, is an absolute tragedy. But that’s just what the world wants now. People wonder why jazz is dying.

— There are no two words in the English language more harmful than “good job”.
— I’d rather die drunk, broke at 34 and have people at a dinner table talk about me than live to be rich and sober at 90 and nobody remembered who I was.”


Someone very close to my heart once told me “Nobody can help you to bring out of your depression until you help out yourself”. Years back, I brought myself out of hell and I became someone new. Also, a year back, I brought myself out of a new hell and I became someone new. Now, even if it’s not obvious to be someone new, I understand that I have to work out to be at least a better person this time. The difference is, this time my brain pressure has crossed all the limits I faced in my lifetime. And, for sure, I’m the only one that can lift myself up. So, if you forget the reason to live, just check the people around you how you might be the only reason to live for them.

We certainly forgot how to ask for help because we imagined ourselves as superheroes who can solve all the problems in the world. MARVEL Super Heroes made a great impact on us, right?
Sometimes, I ask the people on open ground, “who is an expert to show me how big the world is?”
I only hear echoes of my voice, nothing more.

For every one of us, life will give a lot of amazing things in the coming 30-40-50 years. But the life we have spent for the past years will be like a part we can never forget. Whatever I am today, has a very great influence of all the people around me of being myself. Life has shown me a lot of truths, lessons, and most importantly “love and honor” from all of them.

Many of us will reach a height that we might never expect and many of us might keep struggling to chase that destination. It’s all about how we are destined. Just a very kind request to all, always keep the heart open for helping whoever you can. A simple help might change any of your friend’s life. Because, ultimately, these friends are the people who really matter in your life. The rest is illusionary.

We may get blessed with anything and everything. We may get all the courage to do good works and be an inspired human being. If for any simple reason, just for a simple good reason, we might ever cross into someone’s mind, that will count the most for the rest of the life.

Thank you to all the INFLUENCERS in my life.
Thank you for making me the person I am today and will be making me in the future.
You all made the story of my life.

AND, if life has taught you so much, be a light to share the lessons. Glow many more lives.
What if I could teach you one thing, just one thing, what would you want to learn from me?

Sanjidul Anwar

Sanjidul Anwar is a multifaceted individual who describes himself as a "Learner, Believer, and Counselor." With a diverse background and a passion for continuous growth, Sanjidul has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and contribution to the world. Sanjidul Anwar's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, a dedication to helping others, and a deep passion for digital creativity and content development.

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