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Money Is Power – Breaking The Old Myth.

Time is Money, Money is Power, Power is Pizza.”

Huh! Very easy going, right?

Let’s dive a little more to this.

There are many people around you who have JUST ONE big concern:

Will my life be a contributing one? Or, will I just die without coming to anyone else’s help in this world?

They try to find the purpose and true meaning of life. They keep searching why the Lord has chosen them and sent them into this world. If this kind of thought is truly bothering you from the age you are truly growing, perhaps you already on your right path.

Non-Identical Intention

If you start thinking about the entire life cycle of a human being, you will encounter that many people just go through the same phase of life. They grow, they take education, they seek a job, they marry, they have kids, they enjoy, they retire and they die. Why did they take education? – for a job. Why they took the job? – for money. Why they earned money? – for a family. Why they earned money and had a family? – for a better end life vacation and hereafter. Fame, power, belongingness, esteem desires, etc. could drive your life ambiguously. But the most vital driver in this entire cycle is just one thing you may ever think of.

Money Is Power

In the above sense, if money is the most and ONLY vital driver of your life, then it plays the negative character of your life drama. Money is evil. Money is all the bad that could happen to you ever in your life.

“All I want is Money and Power.”

Is that really so?

NEVER. Actually, money is never evil or bad, the bad is just your intention. Experts say, if money overtakes your temptations, then the money is not for you. If money is your fear and money makes you weak, then money can destroy you completely. Money is for those who can control it, manage it, and drive it for good reasons. They take money as just a normal part of their life. They neither wake for it nor sleep over it. We don’t have to bring examples here. There have been thousands of people in the history of the world whose sole purpose was not just to earn money. But yes, money can make them suffer but they never take money on over priorities.

Money is power. It simply is. The earlier you accept it, the better you can control or manage it. And, when you can control your temptations on money, you can control everything in this world. It is truly the biggest driver of mankind in the present world.

Money And Good Contributions

As I started the initial story, there are millions of people who only thrive for contributing to other people’s lives.

But how can you take care of others if you do not take care of yourselves first?

As I mentioned earlier, money is never evil or bad, the bad is just your intention. If money can be used for good intentions, then money is true power. Because money can help, money can destroy. The intention is completely yours.

I personally never thought that I would have to be working for money ever in my life. Because money never drove me. I never know how money tastes. I never understood that there’s something called money and I would need it to lead my life. It just was never my concern. And, the truth is it makes me suffer now. But I learned to control the temptations behind it. Money is normal, money is just the way it happens. Somebody truly said,

“You cannot force money to be yours. If it is yours, then it will come to you by time.”

In any way, money is good for you, if you know how to handle it. You can come to some very great contributions with the proper use of money. If you don’t have it, you lose the great contributions to mankind.

Sanjidul Anwar

Sanjidul Anwar is a multifaceted individual who describes himself as a "Learner, Believer, and Counselor." With a diverse background and a passion for continuous growth, Sanjidul has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and contribution to the world. Sanjidul Anwar's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, a dedication to helping others, and a deep passion for digital creativity and content development.

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