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Equations Of Life – Sometimes, These Are Beautiful Left Unsolved

The harshest reality of life is that IT IS REAL. IT IS NOT A FANTASY WORLD. And, here, mostly, events are destined. Trust me, if you are gone from your work today, the next morning everything will work as it is. The world doesn’t stop for you and people don’t care about you.

“Know that you’ll never fully understand everything that’s going on in your life. Why things happen the way they do. If you try to figure it all out, you’ll end up getting frustrated. Leave it to the All-Knowing Almighty. That’s His job. Your job is to trust Him. Without a doubt!”

“There will always be someone who’s taller, richer, better-looking with a better job and so on. We can either allow ourselves to fall into the dangerous trap of comparison, or we can choose to remember that regardless of that, we all have our own struggles. That’s life. Live it!”

Muslim Speakers

Life is beautiful because it CHANGES. And, nothing bad lasts long. Few previous achievements in life come unexpectedly in a much bigger way, so will in the future too. We can work for this life to be a contributing one to others and may get the chance to serve humanity with ingenuity.

“He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW.”

Man’s Search for Meaning

One of the hardest realities of life is to Move On.
It is never late to clean your slate again. It is never late to start over again.
Cry Hard and Move On. Only let your pillow know about this.
Sometimes, it’s a lot to take in. Sometimes, you just need a right turn in your life.
When you are just blind about your path, seek guidance. BELIEVE TRULY. The world is just so big. You will definitely find a way out.

People say the sky is the limit. I’d say, don’t ever limit yourself up to that.

The higher you go, the higher the chance you have to get nastier. Not everyone is the best at controlling temptations. Do you think yourself of something really exceptional? Remember that you were created just from dust and you should be down to the earth by flying low, very very low. Because “With great power comes great responsibilities.” Life will grow, maybe NOT IMMEDIATELY, but DEFINITELY.

Dear Life, I never wanted something so so so big till date. I just wanted to be more of myself. I just wanted to be an influencer for the good purpose, for the good works, and help grow many more lives. And, maybe you got me. Spare me if I can’t take it anymore.

Many equations of life are left unsolved. Most probably, we never know what is the best and the amazing thing happens in our life but we know we become more matured, more tolerant, and more responsible in years more than ever before. “You break the mountains in front of me and even it doesn’t matter to me now.”

We overestimate ourselves of being a contributor. Instead, we are putting pennies in the world of huge mankind. Yet to remember “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”. Your brain always thinks of “what if it’s not?”. What if this life turns out with so much more than you expect?
Just wait for a turn.

Many of us dreamt so big but our lives were just constrained. No matter how bad your past was, we should always try to be a better person today.

“And you? Do you have everything under control? Probably less than you think. Do not think you command your way through life like a Roman emperor. Rather, you are the man with the red hat. Therefore, focus on the few things of importance that you can really influence. For everything else: Que sera, sera.”

Rolf Dobelli

We are so much judgmental about and we are always good at bringing good things down. People out there are winning worlds and we have no idea what we are doing with our life. The world is so big and I am so sorry about myself that I couldn’t see anything about it. I wish I could go and feel the tempo. Indeed, you are given to the extent you can handle. When will we learn to prioritize WHO we are rather than WHAT we are?

It’s better to take time than to be so restless even if you are losing a lot of things. Life is too short to be unhappy about the things you don’t get. Because you are tested when YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING. You are tested more when YOU HAVE EVERYTHING. Confusing yourself is A Big Damn Mistake.

Being rejected is a part of life. Get used to it. All you can do is to try. Believe that something is taken out from your life to replace it with something even better.

Do we have the time to spare?
I guess, not.

Sanjidul Anwar

Sanjidul Anwar is a multifaceted individual who describes himself as a "Learner, Believer, and Counselor." With a diverse background and a passion for continuous growth, Sanjidul has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and contribution to the world. Sanjidul Anwar's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, a dedication to helping others, and a deep passion for digital creativity and content development.

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