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General Guidelines For Effective Use Of Hashtag

General Guidelines For Effective Use Of The Hashtag: #CUMarketing

Note: The article is based on the hashtag #CUMarketing, which is the common hashtag for Department of Marketing, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Please READ CAREFULLY and, FOLLOW the instructions below for a unique branding of the particular event, in our case, the department.

  • Hashtag marketing is a concept highly used in Twitter marketing. Later on, other popular social media like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Google+ adopted this Hashtag marketing concept.
  • The main purpose of a Hashtag marketing campaign is to promote some specific issue, event, or organization in a unique way through a SPECIFIC and IDENTICAL KEYWORD.
  • The Hashtag marketing happens when someone clicks on that particular Hashtag, OR, searches that particular Hashtag/KEYWORD in the search box of Twitter or Facebook. Then, s/he can see the posts which contains that specific Hashtag/KEYWORD.

So, everyone’s Hashtag MUST BE IDENTICAL in EVERY SINGLE LETTER. Somebody writing “#CUMarketing” and somebody else writing “#CU_Marketing” will not be the same.

The KEYWORD of a Hashtag should be chosen carefully. Do not use any Keyword that people are not likely to search as such “#SubornoJoyonti”, “#ChottogramBisshobiddaloy”, “#Rockzzz”, “#RnF_Celebration”, “#Waiting_for_the_blast”, “#too_much_excited” etc. PLEASE, PLEASE AVOID THESE. People are not going to search these words as they are not aware of these hash tags.

  • Hashtag is not case sensitive. So, you can use Hashtag in Capital Letter or Small Letter. But to keep it meaningful, write “#CUMarketing” always rather than “#CUMARKETING” or “#cumarketing”.
  • Do not use any SPACE or UNDERSCORE “_” in a Hashtag. The Keyword should be all together.
  • Using too many Hashtags in a post will make your post confusing. Maximum 3 Hashtags are allowed.

Whenever you are sharing any thoughts, excitements, events, or any posts, photos, videos or anything about a particular event, please use that specific Hashtag such as “#CUMarketing” in your post.

  • TRY to keep the post “Public”, so that people can find your post. Because of this Public Privacy, a non-friend of yours can also see your post.
  • Increase ENGAGEMENT (Like, Love, Comment, and Share etc.) with your friend’s post, so that the post get the chance to boost up.

Happy Hashtagging! 

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