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LICT And Digital Marketing Landscape In Bangladesh

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

Tony Robbins

Simply by sitting in the arm-chair, and thinking about the dream, will never make it happen. Waiting for the exact moment when things will be favorable is just a lie. We must jump on the field, and opportunities will surely go together with us.

One fine day on March, 2016; from our teacher H. M. Kamrul Hassan (Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, University of Chittagong) we heard about the project “Leveraging ICT for Growth, Employment and Governance (LICT)” conducted by Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). Few days later our Chairman Professor Sagib Kumar Ghosh (Department of Marketing, University of Chittagong) introduced us with Sugata Chowdhuri (Soft Skills Trainer, LICT Project) who gave us the whole detail about the project. We, the students of 4th year and MBA participated in an assessment test to get into the project. That was the first online assessment test we participated in our life. The experience was praise worthy. Two batches were formed from our department.

One week later our class was started with the ITES Technical Part – Digital Marketing. We got introduced to Rahul Datta (Senior Trainer – Digital Marketing, LICT Project). Sir conducted our training for more than 100 hours including a Corporate like Project on Different Business Opportunities in Bangladesh. We learned different aspects of Digital Marketing as such Google Psychology, SEM, SEO, SMM, ORM, PPC Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing and the like. After the completion of the technical part, Sugata Chowdhuri conducted our Soft Skills Sessions.

The project truly changed the dimension of our learning, and raised our dreams to a new big level. We were monotonized with our regular study, and the LICT project gave an opportunity to enrich our skills, get a world-class recognition, and creating our demand in different industries both in home and abroad.

Leveraging ICT for Growth, Employment and Governance is a project of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) under the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunication and Information Technology. The project has been launched in January 2013 primarily aiming to catalyze the growth of Bangladesh’s IT/ITES industry for employment creation and export diversification. The project also caters the need of public sector modernization through development of policies, guidelines, e-government interoperability framework (eGIF) and capacity development of the government people.

Over the last couple of months, the journey of the training was wonderful. Professionals from the world’s one of the leading firms “Ernst & Young” provided us with up to date learning resources and thoughts. The two major modules for this project are: Top-Up IT Training, and ITES Foundation Skills Training for different students from different backgrounds. Every department of the University of Chittagong, and all other prominent institutions of the country as a whole welcomed this project cordially because of its richness, and future boldness of the students due to such training.

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) under ICT Division; largely the Government of Bangladesh along with its associated partners deserve a cordial regard from every participant related to this project, and for enabling us to explore our true potential. Now, it’s time to give something back to the country as we’ve become something more.

Expectancy about Digital Marketing in Bangladesh:

I am a tech loving guy, loves to be blended in computer stuffs and other tech appliances. I wanted to be a 100% recipe of Technology but somehow life gave me a different story with Marketing background. Though through all these years, I managed to keep a bridge between the two. When I heard about the world-class Digital Marketing Training from BCC, I factually jumped for it. The expectancy about digital marketing in Bangladesh is intense and diverse – “Who is the next child of Marketing Management Philosophy?”.

Marketing management philosophy as a mother has five children. The first one favors the availability of himself – is named as the Production Concept. The second one focuses on his characteristics and performance – is named as the Product Concept. The third one focuses on his promotion – is named as the Selling Concept. The fourth one focuses on the satisfaction of customers – is named as the Marketing Concept. And, the fifth one considers the society’s long run interest – is named as the Societal Marketing Concept.

All the five children belong to five different generations in terms of their evolution and application. Marketing was present many decades back, and now it is also present with its richness and advancement. But always the objective of marketing is to cope and satisfy the customer needs by adjusting the way they need it, the way they want it, and the way they demand it.

Then the question comes,

“Who is the next child of the mother ‘Marketing Management Philosophy’?”.

We answer the question by our own lifestyle. We live on an edge of the world where we continuously glue our eyes on to different kinds of screens, starting from the mini smart watch screen to the giant screen in the street. But mostly, the cell phone and computer screen are in the front row. The rise of the internet has also given a new taste to this recipe. Even the entertainment through television has decreased hugely due to the intensification of the digital world.

Now-a-days in the digital pace, information is so abundant and freely available. Even it happens when we are encountered with so much information and we have little attention to focus on a particular thing. On the other side of the coin, here comes the opportunity. The business organizations now compete to get the customer’s attention rather than selling that information which are easily available.

The game changing event appears here where Digital Marketing is going to be the next child of marketing management philosophy. As a theory of adjustment, every organization practicing marketing activities is going to adjust with digital marketing by the requiring needs, wants, and demands of its customer since digital marketing is going to shape the future of marketing.

In the context of Bangladesh, Digital Marketing is still in the learning stage. There are ample possibilities, and untapped areas where we can ignite the flame of digital marketing. The government of Bangladesh with a compact target “Vision 2021 – Digital Bangladesh”, working in the front and back stage to make this country digitally independent and rising. It has launched many projects in ICT sectors, provided incentives and tax exemptions for the proliferation of this sector.

Considering the facts, it is obvious that the infrastructural development of ICT sector will easily be done by the huge investment. But, the key part which will be difficult to progress and time consuming is the development of human resource to maintain those infrastructures. LICT project is now playing a great role in this human resource development part. A major portion of that part is creating a lot of digital marketing professionals along with other professionals of different industries. Hope for a great digital marketing landscape in Bangladesh.

Sanjidul Anwar

Sanjidul Anwar is a multifaceted individual who describes himself as a "Learner, Believer, and Counselor." With a diverse background and a passion for continuous growth, Sanjidul has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and contribution to the world. Sanjidul Anwar's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, a dedication to helping others, and a deep passion for digital creativity and content development.

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