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Q&A: Am I With The Right Person? | The Question Of TRUST And BETRAYAL

They both make a good team.
All-day long, together, achieving milestones of togetherness for a month, year, and few years.
Just like peas and carrots.
He acts those small little lovely things and she is into dreams of achieving the whole world in him.
A team of Love, Joy, and Dreams of staying together FOREVER.

One thing they have more than anything else.


How many stories get successful actually?
Why does the euphoria of love fade after a few months or years?
Why does a person question about him/herself just after few days?

And, devastatingly, people come up to the situation of questioning, “why do people betray with us?” or “why me?”.

Have you ever thought of seeing the other side of the coin?
I guess you should.
To protect yourself.

See, initially, we put so much trust and expectation on someone that we cannot even accept their little flaws. One of the very first reasons why people betray is because you give them scope to betray. You give them space to build unrealistic expectations over you by showing yourself in a way that you really are not. And, later you fail to maintain that FANCY IMAGE OF YOURSELF in front of the person you love.

The better solution is, to be honest about who you are, what you show and express about yourself from the very beginning even if it costs you so much. Life will be based on true faith then. People might then betray you but will always be guilty of their such action.

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