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Life At 27 – Five Pieces Of Lifesaving Advice For The Youth

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Probably, in life, you meet so many people, too many hard to remember the name and face. Eventually, you meet someone people who are like influencers in your life. We all meet few family members, few teachers, few brothers, few friends and overall few fellows who desire to have direction in their lives just by following our words. There might be some people who take you to a very very different height of your imagination and the paradigm of your thoughts.

On an honest concern, many of us never expected so much from our life. We always treasure to be so simple and try to be sincere in our own continuum. And, I think that’s how life should be to make it more happy and meaningful.

Life is full of purposes when you see your shadow in someone else’s life too. There is a saying, “Some people are so poor, so poor, so absolutely poor that all they have is just Money”. Actually, we have many other things to build in life.

Better you note for Five pieces of advice at this stage of your life:

Never, ever make the mistakes of taking things in life for granted and don’t let anyone or anything to take you for granted. I made those mistakes of letting me be taken for granted. Nothing gave me the satisfaction I wanted and I still suffer for the mistakes I made.

Life at 27-30 is different, having some very bad colors shading over you. It would be more than a matter of joy for having the opportunity to serve the people around but sometimes you may lose the faith in yourself and your capabilities. You may feel so much pressure on yourself. But always remember, you always have a better version of yourself within you, EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Feel honored and motivated within yourself.

Always try to expect to see the light, have hope, joy, peace, happiness, and smiles in the lives of the people for whom you are living and shall be living till you die.

And, never forget those person(s) who used to give you that paradigm of thinking. An attitude of gratitude makes your world more shining.

I write so deliberately and I have no proper context. Sometimes, words are beautiful when written unplanned.

There are countless wishes in life that are not fulfilled. But if you keep searching for those, you will never see the lights in your life. Life is so short to understand what is happening with us. And, it is always better to have some questions unanswered.

Cater all the little goodness within you. And, never lose the minimum goodness you have within yourself. NEVER. Life Is Beautiful, Someday If Not Everyday.

Sanjidul Anwar

Sanjidul Anwar is a multifaceted individual who describes himself as a "Learner, Believer, and Counselor." With a diverse background and a passion for continuous growth, Sanjidul has embarked on a journey of self-discovery and contribution to the world. Sanjidul Anwar's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth, a dedication to helping others, and a deep passion for digital creativity and content development.

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